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The Retention Period

        The free retention period is 3 months.
        The retention period starts from the product status as “Arrived onebound. onebound will be responsible for the custody of the goods and bear the corresponding responsibility within the retention period. However, the purchased goods with quality guarantee period shorter than the retention period will be the exception. (E.g. food)
        The free retention period is 3 months, onebound will charge for ¥15 as the storage fee for every items that more than the free retention period(days below one month will be considered as one month) when you submit the waybill. The rest can be calculated in the same manner.
        onebound will not continue the custody of the items after one year from the product status of “Has arrived at onebound”. So the onebound retention period is up to one year,if your goods damage,loss,expired after one year, we are not responsibility for it.