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    We seek and develop methodology and tools to help businesses connect in a developed system.

    We play an important role in developing and transforming SMEs business to improve their business efficiency.

    We open up SMEs opportunity to access to the developed digital system with lower cost and high efficiency for adding value to their businesses. 


    We are young and innovative with enthusiasm to make a big impact in digital economy in Asia.

  • Belief

    Belief is the power to build a successful business. We believe in our passion, belief in our team, believe in us; everything is possible.

  • Honesty

    Honestly is a life long. We run our business with honesty, we do what we say. Anything built from the truth and honesty unlimited scale.

  • Unity (Together)

    The power is from unity. We together think, produce, consume, gain and develop. Benefit parties are employees, customers, business partners, and community.

  • Great

    Great is the top purpose of everything. Success business comes from we do great things. We do our best of every day; this will, in turn, have a big impact on our future. We together create everything to be great.

    Our company started by developing an innovative business with a team of ten staffs.    

    We use www.me.asia as an initial business, which is a website linked with popular E-commerce websites from China. The purpose is to open up the opportunity for Lao and Thai SMEs access to reasonably cheaper products sourcing directly from China factories and business information for expanding their markets.  

Our Team